Thursday, April 16, 2009

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Since the beginning of time there was been things that females couldn't do that males can and vice versa. This is no different from modern day society has viewed gender and work. Although thinghs have progressed society has still put some type of standard on the types of work that men and women can and can not do.
I've heard people imply that women shouldn't do construction and I've also heard people say that men shouldn't do hair. It is indeed true that mostly men are in the construction occupation and by nature men are stronger that women so maybe that's one reason why there are mostly men in this occupation. There are more women than men in the hair salon business, possibly becasue mainly womne get their hair done at hair salons.
In my family and the others who surrounded me when I was a young child we didn't and still don't expect women and men to do certain jobs. Because of these things that I've mentioned as well as other things I've never had the type of mentality that put gender labels on certain types of work.

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